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Secondary Spices used in Indian Cooking

Posted on : 7th Jul, 2011
If you’ve read my previous articles titled “Spices that Add Flavor to Indian Cuisine”, you would have a basic idea of the essential spices that are used in the Indian kitchen. In this article, we look at the secondary spices that...Read More....

Spices that Add Flavor to Indian Cooking

Posted on : 7th Jul, 2011
Ask anyone what the most distinctive thing about Indian cooking is and nine out of ten people will answer – spices. And guess what? They’re right. Indian cuisine makes extensive use of a variety of spices and herbs - spices that excite...Read More....

Myths About Indian Food

Posted on : 7th Jul, 2011
Initial Write-up: If you want to enjoy the diverse styles of Indian food and cooking, it is important to first realize that there are several myths about Indian food going around. Only when you identify and defeat them, will you be able to...Read More....

Essential Herbs & Ingredients for Indian Cooking

Posted on : 7th Jul, 2011
Looking to get started on cooking up perfectly delightful Indian food – spicy chicken in thick gravy; yummy dal that leaves you smacking your lips; mix-vegetable preparation that makes you want to turn vegan overnight; and the deliciously soft...Read More....

Indian Cuisine: Unity in Diversity of Taste

Posted on : 8th Jul, 2011
The Indian sub-continent is massive. From tip to toe and side to side it covers an area of 3287263 square km, or 1269219 sq miles. A land of great diversity, it is only natural that the eating habits of Indians would be governed, to a great extent,...Read More....

Tools In An Indian kitchen - Utensils

Posted on : 7th Jul, 2011
Traditional Indian cooking makes use of a variety of utensils in the kitchen. They are made of different metals and alloys, ranging from stainless steel and aluminum to iron and brass. Modern invention has now placed Teflon coated non-stick cookware...Read More....

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